Twitter is too bite-size, Instagram predominantly visual, so I’ve been looking for a way of sharing longer, written posts. This is it.

This newsletter has three sections.

S J Watson

This section is free to all. I’ll be sending these newsletters out every couple of weeks, and here the focus is on the world of my books including upcoming events, things that I’m working on and #SJsTwitterBookClub. Just hit Subscribe if you haven’t already, and choose Free.

The Writers’ Lodge

Whether you’re new to novel writing and in need of guidance or you’re an established author looking to stay on track, The Writers’ Lodge will give you all the support, tools and encouragement you need to see your next creative writing project through to the end.

  • Learn new writing techniques

  • Develop your novel’s plot, story structure and characters

  • Receive helpful exercises and assignments

  • Push through the writing process when you’re stuck

  • Discover more about the world of literary agents and publishing

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This is the one area of my newsletter that isn’t about my writing. It is my writing. Welcome to my thoughts, my musings and my essays. Some of these posts will be available for all subscribers, but others will just be for those with a paid subscription.

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S J Watson is the author of bestselling psychological thrillers BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP (which was turned into a film with Nicole Kidman), SECOND LIFE and FINAL CUT.