The Writers' Lodge

Are you writing fiction, or want to start doing so, or perhaps you're just fascinated by the process of writing a book? This section is for you. Here we’ll consider different aspects of the process of writing and editing, with articles and exercises designed to help the writer establish whether they’re on track or in need of course correction.

An Introduction Can you write a publishable book, or even a story that other people will want to read? Have you got what it takes? Is your writing any…
In this Issue: Introduction why no one can agree… What is a plot? A note about character Who is your main character? Why it can be harder than you think…
Plus how to get going when you're just not feeling it
In this Issue: Reflections on Issue 8: Characters Kidnapping a character Some more exercises The importance of choice Reflections In the last issue of…
Writers' Lodge Thread: Do you read 'how to write' books?New to The Writers’ Lodge? ‘How to Write’ books? I devour them. I always think there’s more to learn, and I love hearing other people’s take on …
Who are they and what do they want?
Tuesday Writers' Lodge thread: What are your favourite characters?Hi! In this week’s Issue of The Writers’ Lodge (due on Thursday) we’re going to be looking at characters. So, who are your favourite characters …
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