Fast acting poisons and where to hide a body...

Hi everyone!

Last night’s #SJsTwitterBookClub featured award-winning crime writer Sarah Hilary (@sarah_hilary). We talked about her extraordinary novel, ‘Never Be Broken’. 

Sarah introduced the book to us. ‘Never Be Broken is the sixth in my D.I. Marnie Rome series, and finds Noah Jake struggling with his job as more and more young people fall victim to crime in the capital. Can Marnie solve the case *and* bring her detective sergeant back from the brink?’

The book is gripping and heartbreaking in equal measure. Sarah told us about the genesis of the novel. ‘Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted that Never Be Broken is dedicated to Pretana Morgan, who spoke so movingly about the senseless murder of her son Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton. I thought of all the mothers of all the children who were dying like Rhyhiem and I started reading first person accounts of knife crime and gang-related murder. I always research first-person accounts. Official figures are shocking, but so dry. To get to the truth of the harm being done, you need to read about the people affected by violence and loss.’

We learned that Sarah’s grandmother inspired her to be a writer… ‘…she used to tell these jolly stories when me and my siblings were tiny, about the camp our mum grew up in, running around barefoot, learning to write with a stick in the sand ...’

Before hitting us with the shocking revelation... ‘Much later, I learnt it was a Japanese PoW camp’

Sarah linked to the story here, if you want to read more.

We also argued about who’d get to take over Ripley’s story, if it were possible, and discussed the darker elements of our respective internet search histories.

Join us next week (TUESDAY, 7.30pm UK time), when novelist Tim Glister will join us to talk about his debut, Red Corona.

Richard Knox is a secret agent in big trouble. He's been hung out to dry by a traitor in MI5, and the only way to clear his name could destroy him. Meanwhile in a secret Russian city, brilliant scientist Irina Valera makes a discovery that will change the world, and hand the KGB unimaginable power. Desperate for a way back into MI5, Knox finds an unlikely ally in Abey Bennett, a CIA recruit who's determined to prove herself whatever the cost...As the age of global surveillance dawns, three powers will battle for dominance, and three people will fight to survive......

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