Books are beanbags...

... or Angel Delight and Bat Out of Hell.

Hi everyone!

Last night’s #SJsTwitterBookClub featured Emmy-award winning writer, journalist, comedy-writer, critic and novelist David Quantick (@quantick). We talked about his extraordinary novel, ‘All My Colors’. 

David introduced the book to us. ‘Todd Milstead is an a*shole who realises he can remember a book that nobody else can recall. Broke, he decides to write the book himself - with horrific consequences. And Bat Out Of Hell.’

This naturally led to a discussion of American FM rock - and David helpfully provided us with a Spotify playlist to accompany our discussion. We talked about the difference between movies (‘all arcs and scenes’) and books (which ‘are like beanbags’). When pushed, David explained, ‘Books can be a bit lumpier than movies, and have bits that seem to be empty, and bits that are packed, and sometimes support your - all right, not beanbags.’ We talked about our favourite adaptations, and both confessed a love for the brilliant Under the Skin, as well as Haruki Murakami.

I also asked David what he’d written that he was most proud of…

(Coat off - to insult somebody or to talk trash about them.)

Join us next week (Thursday, 7.30pm UK time), when novelist Sarah Hilary will join us to talk about Never Be Broken.

Noah Jake has seen dead bodies before but when a young woman falls to her death from a London tower block, landing in the bonnet of his car, everything changes for him. Has he witnessed an accident, suicide, or something worse? Whichever, it affects him deeply. London's young people are being trafficked into gangs, exploited, and killed. Thirteen-year-old Raffa Jordan was shot in the street, an innocent bystander in a gang war, or so it seems. It looks as if Samantha Haile is just the latest victim in the wave of violence sweeping the city. Only Noah feels the need to treat her differently, to chase down the truth of what happened that day.Marnie Rome wants to help, but even she cannot grasp why Noah is risking so much for the sake of this stranger he never knew. As Marnie finally finds peace with her own past, she is faced with the far harder task of bringing Noah back from the brink of self-destruction. 

Don’t miss it!

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